DEFENDING JOCK STEIN against malicious lies and undiluted hatred



Whilst the SFA, the Scottish media and Rangers FC stand by and allow false and despicable allegations made against the late Jock Stein, we will have to defend him ourselves.

They have listened for a year now at the disgusting way in which Jock's name has been dragged through the mud and not one of them apart from George Galloway has had the guts to defend him.

So a concerned group of Celtic fans have decided to petition Peter Lawwell of Celtic FC to take this matter further.


Petition Update


19th November 2007

The petition has been received by Celtic FC and we are currently awaiting feedback.


Updates will be printed here as soon as more information has been received.


20th November 2007

Peter Lawwell statement in The Herald


29th November 2007

Meeting With Peter Lawwell


29th November 2007

Celtic V Rangers



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