So what is this sick campaign against Jock Stein all about?

Basically, it's like this. Rangers FC have, for many years allowed their fans to openly sing anti-Catholic and anti-Irish songs. Rangers FC have always had a problem with sectarianism. They openly refused to sign any player who was a Roman Catholic up until 1989 and as far as we are aware, have never signed a player from the Republic of Ireland. Rangers FC had  for many years, close links with another anti-Catholic organisation, the Orange Order. That's the background. For generations, many people who supported Rangers also developed bigoted and sectarian attitudes towards Roman Catholics in Scotland - especially those who immigrated from Ireland - and this was passed down from generation to generation. The slopes of Ibrox became a breeding ground for sectarianism, with young football supporters seeing and hearing the hatred towards Roman Catholics and growing up thinking this was acceptable. The media in Scotland and more disgustingly society in general in Scotland accepted these attitudes as a normal way of life for a Rangers fan.

So what has all this got to do with Jock Stein?

Well first and foremost we need to look at what has changed in recent times. For decades, as mentioned above, Rangers fans were allowed to vent their hatred of all things Roman Catholic at Ibrox. Recently however, UEFA intervened and fined Rangers FC for sectarian singing. This effectively forced the SFA to force Rangers FC to stop all sectarian and bigoted singing.

After generations of being able and allowed to vent their hatred towards all things Roman Catholic - suddenly this outlet was taken away from them. They could no longer sing songs about the Pope, Priests and Rosary beads etc. etc. etc.

So what DOES this have to do with Jock Stein?

Well - in a nutshell, fans of Rangers FC, by no longer being allowed to sing anti-Catholic songs, had to invent another way to hate. They had to find another outlet to vent their hatred of Celtic FC. So they invented a lie that implicated the late Celtic manager, Jock Stein, as being involved in covering up child abuse in the early 1970's. The term "Big Jock Knew" implies that Jock Stein knew about cases of child abuse, but did not act upon it. This not only is a great lie, it is also the sickest, most despicable and worst kind of point scoring imaginable. This goes way beyond football rivalry. But that is what you get when you give people decades of opportunity to sing songs of hate and then all of a sudden take it away from them. The fact that Jock Stein won the European Cup for Celtic, something Rangers FC have not been able to achieve, is another reason to single him out for this cruel form of hatred.

So far, Rangers FC, the Scottish Media nor the SFA have publicly condemned the Rangers fans for singing this vile chant. Gordon Smith, the newly appointed head of the SFA is an ex-Rangers player who has went on record as saying that Rangers fans are treated unfairly. Yet we've heard nothing about this sick campaign about Jock Stein.

Now you know why we Celtic fans have decided to take action ourselves.

Below are some examples of the sick mentality that has developed with this new found way of expressing their hatred. What is also important to remember and must not be overlooked - is that these people are using child abuse as a cheap form of entertainment and ways to score points over their rival football team.

Without any care for facts or any care for any victim of child abuse.

Shame on them.



Making money out of child abuse by selling scarves with sick messages about Jock Stein.


And the scarves make their way into Ibrox Stadium, home of Glasgow Rangers FC and not one word of condemnation from the club, nor the media.


Rangers fans using child abuse as a means of entertainment. Still no condemnation from the Scottish media.



Some of the many depraved and repulsive slogans which is now becoming commonplace around certain areas of Scotland. What kind of sick mind writes on a wall, takes a photo of it and then uses it as some kind of medal of honour in their quest to discredit Jock Stein? (these photos were taken from a certain website that is more or less bragging about this type of thing)

Apart from condoning this kind of behaviour, it is often forgotten that they are breaking the law by vandalising many walls around Scotland and it is the taxpayer who has to foot the bill to clean this mess up.

But let's be honest - the country could be lying in ruins - it matters nothing to these people, so long as they get their daily fix of "hate" at Jock Stein.



This is a snapshot of one of the many obscene and vulgar signatures on the petition. Why are they mocking someone who was the victim of child abuse? Oh wait a minute, Alan Brazil is a Celtic supporter, that should explain it.




Sending in a text message to a football program, with a subtle but carefully worded text message to put their vile messages on TV so they can get their cheap and perverse kicks. Imagine planning the whole thing, sending in a text message, waiting to record the show, taking a photo and then treating it as some kind of medal of honour. (Again - this photo was taken from a certain website who actually boast about this kind of thing.)

This is what they do. This is how they get their kicks.


Words cannot describe how disturbed some people must be, to go and do something like this.


The face of hatred - without showing a face ...


All this and much more. The SFA know about it, the Scottish media know about it, Rangers FC know about it, David Edgar of the Rangers Supporters Trust knows about it. Yet not a word of condemnation from any of them.

Scotland's shame.



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