After submitting the petition to Peter Lawwell, we were asked to attend a meeting to which we duly obliged. The meeting took place on 29th November 2007 at Celtic Park.

We were grateful to be given the opportunity to speak openly about the situation face to face and it was refreshing to hear that Peter Lawwell took this situation very seriously indeed.

For obvious reasons, the entire content of the meeting cannot be made public, suffice to say that Celtic FC are taking this matter seriously and are monitoring the situation very closely. Peter also  assured us that the petition had been taken seriously as did the many letters he received from individual fans relating to the same matter.

Like many (if not most) Celtic fans, I was particularly annoyed at Celtic FC for not taking action against this sick campaign sooner.

Having spoken to Peter Lawwell and listened to his reasons for not intervening at an early stage, I am satisfied that he is going about this the right way.

I asked Peter if he could provide a statement to those who signed the petition, as to inform them that their signature had been taken seriously. He told me to quote his statement he made at the recent AGM.


“This is a poisonous, repugnant and despicable campaign.  Indeed it is also a cowardly campaign against a man who sadly is no longer here to defend himself.  This is a manager who was, is, and will always remain one of Celtic’s greats and one, if not THE, greatest ever Scottish manager.


Recently there has been much excitement regarding the national team and their attempts to qualify for the European Championships.  Jock Stein is a man who literally died whilst working for and managing Scotland to the World Cup Finals.  This man also tended the injured and dying of the Ibrox disaster in the early 1970’s.


The Club made the decision not to dignify this campaign by making any public comment, as we do not want to increase its profile in any way.  We have been working behind the scenes and the Stein family are content with how we are dealing with the matter.


We will continue to monitor the situation and at some point may feel it appropriate to change tact against this despicable campaign against one of Celtic Football Club’s favourite sons.”


After speaking to Peter Lawwell I can say with confidence, "be assured - Celtic FC are not ignoring this problem".

We would also like to thank Peter Lawwell for taking time to arrange a meeting and speak to us personally.




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