Whilst the SFA, the Scottish media and Rangers FC stand by and allow false and despicable allegations made against the late Jock Stein, we will have to defend him ourselves.

They have listened for a year now at the disgusting way in which Jock's name has been dragged through the mud and not one of them apart from George Galloway has had the guts to defend him.

So a concerned group of Celtic fans have decided to petition Peter Lawwell of Celtic FC to take this matter further.

Click HERE to sign the petition

The aim is to get as many signatures as possible prior to the forthcoming AGM on 19th November.

So not only sign it, but ask as many Celtic supporters as you possibly can to also sign it.



A Message To The Sportswriters in Scotland

Either tackle the issue of sectarianism in Scotland with honesty and integrity, or don't bother at all.

Aren't you embarrassed that UEFA had to step in to try and rid our country from anti-Catholic songs whilst you continue to peddle the tired old excuse "Old-Firm fans are as bad as each other?"

Do not insult the memory of Jock Stein the next time you use him to fill up space in your newspaper columns - whilst you continue to ignore what is happening in the real world. You know that this sick campaign needs to be stopped now but you would rather slate a Celtic goalkeeper for making one religions gesture, whilst ignoring thousands who use child abuse for their cheap entertainment and point scoring. Astounding isn't it?

Very few - indeed possibly only one journalist in Scotland has the guts to tackle this problem with honesty.

The rest of you see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear.

It would seem that very little of you appear to have seen the disgusting scarves inside Ibrox and very little of you appear to have heard the sick chants every time Rangers FC are playing.

Don't bother ever attempting to write about sectarianism in our game again. Either it's way over your head or you are too much of a coward to write the truth.


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