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"Ignoring this problem has only allowed it to fester and it is now threatening to tarnish the name of Scotland's Greatest ever manager. Time For Action Mr Lawell." - D.M. Glasgow, Scotland


"A national disgrace this has went on so long. A true giant in Scotland and respected the world over least of it appears in his native land by so called Scotsmen." - B.F. East Kilbride, Scotland


"Your memory shall remain untarnished in the hearts of not only Celtic fans but all true Scotsmen who love football." - C.M. Hamilton, Scotland


"Thanks to UEFA, the Rangers support no longer sing about being up to their knees in Fenian blood. In a desperate attempt to show their hatred of all things Celtic and Catholic, they are using the lies about Jock Stein (a protestant) stir up their feelings in this campaign. For them to make money from selling t-shirts and other cheap skate items makes this all the more despicable. The fact the press in Scotland (except George Galloway MP) and Rangers as a club do nothing about this is a scandal." - A.F. Johnstone, Scotland


"I feel that the Rangers fans have went lower than a snakes belly by using their bile against a great man in Jock Stein. I feel it is about time to act on this." - M.C. East Kilbride, Scotland


"Short memories - wasn't Jock Stein one of the many people at the Ibrox Disaster who help injured and dying people. This isn't a minority, the whole of Ibrox were singing this at the last Old Firm game. What is David Murray's stance on this?" - G.M. East Kilbride, Scotland


"I'm a season ticket at Firhill. This sick campaign is nothing but shocking and I urge all other football fans to sign the petition to clear Jock Steins names in what seems to be a vile attempt to drag his name threw the dirt." - P.K. Glasgow, Scotland


"Celtic's greatest manager, end of. The Club should do everything possible to defend his good name." - R.M. Linwood, Scotland


"This has got to be the lowest form of point scoring by any section of society. Sure there are Rangers fans out there who have spoke out against this sick campaign but it can no longer be called a minority who is taking part in not just the singing but the shocking waving of banners it says it all about our country when a national hero cannot be remembered gracefully and left to rest in peace one word for these cretins" - S.R. Glasgow, Scotland


"It is a disgrace that no-one at Celtic has tried to put a stop to this campaign by a minority of Rangers fans. The sooner we started sticking up for our own, the better." - K.R. Glasgow, Scotland


"This continuing campaign is a complete and utter disgrace, and, from where I sat at Ibrox, seems to be positively encouraged by the official Ibrox band. Shame on anyone involved." - M.B. Bo'ness, Scotland


"I am disgusted that a man that gave his life for his country can be slurred by ignorant people and no action is taken" - D.C. Kilmarnock, Scotland


"The depths to which a section of the Rangers support will go to deflect attention from their bigotry and refusal to emerge from the dark ages is truly unbelievable. The sooner decent Rangers fans identify them and they are prosecuted the better for Rangers and Scotland." - D.B. Hamilton, Scotland


"With this ongoing problem showing no signs of letting up something has to be done and done NOW! The fans of Glasgow Rangers seek nothing other than to 'get one up' on Celtic at any cost and at any situation possible. There are victims in this, the families of the children involved and there is not a moments pause from the ones spouting their bile. This has to be stopped now and stop the great name of the greatest Scottish manager of all time being tarnished. Sir Jock Stein is immortal!" - M.D. Belfast, Ireland.


"Celtic must take a public stand on this particular issue. An official statement condemning this lie is imperative." - P.M. Clydebank, Scotland


"The ongoing shame in the Scottish game." - M.K. Carlisle, England


"Time for children to grow up. I support Man U but hey the man is a Legend." - J.C. Cheshire, England


"A truly disgusting campaign which MUST be stopped immediately. Far far more offensive to me than sectarian singing." - M.B. Glasgow, Scotland


"I understand that it is extremely hard to answer every slur or perceived slur against our club but this is quite a vindictive turn of phrase against someone whom all of Scottish football might have some admiration for. I am happy to sign this petition to voice my support for its reasons" - P.M. London, England


"Makes my blood boil every time I hear it being sung. I see it everywhere as well, graffiti badges, stickers, scarf's. Its shocking that the club have not made a statement about this and even more shocking that Rangers FC are letting this go." - M.D. Glasgow, Scotland.


"This Campaign of slander and insult against a Dead Man who died trying to get his country to a World Cup is disgusting. Rangers FC should be ashamed of themselves for letting this campaign continue" - S.M. Belfast, Ireland.


"Jock Stein, lived and played in paradise. And may he rest in peace in it now. It shows how great a man he really was when the Rangers fans have to stoop so low even after he has gone. Hail Hail Jock" - U.C. Co. Tyrone, Ireland.


"This problem must be eradicated, child abuse should not be banded about in this fashion, typical Scottish media ignoring the issue at hand" - F.H. Glasgow, Scotland.


"This group of people have only started the BJK campaign because their normal brand of sectarian hate has been outlawed. BJK is specifically aimed at antagonising Celtic support. Ban them from Parkhead until this campaign ceases!!" - E.G. Dundee, Scotland.


"What a shame so many still hide their poison tentacles and ulterior motives behind the game of footie ... even this new depth tae which they've slunk must disturb the average card carrying Ibrox fan." - T.M., Lake Echo, Canada.


"Reprehensible chanting, no care or thought at all for the victims; They are only interested in gutter type point scoring. Besmirching one of Celtic's & Scotland's greatest sons, Only in this country would the media remain silent and therefore implicit." - J.M. Glasgow, Scotland.


"The silence from all sections of the media and David Murray in this matter is deafening. This vile campaign needs to be stopped now. I think the First Minister should be approached since Big Jock was and ever will be a true Scottish hero. I totally agree that this campaign is being organised and involves significant numbers of people. What does it say about them and how do other Rangers supporters feel about this?" - A.B., Stewarton, Scotland.  [The First Minister has been contacted. We have received notification that they received our letter, but as yet nothing more]


"The integrity of the Club and its greatest manager cannot be challenged in this vile way. The man transcended religious, national and international boundaries and brought glory and respect to Celtic and Scotland. Is this to be a legacy of his genius and contribution to the game? A cheap shot from a crowd of moronic bigots left unchallenged by his main beneficiaries? I sincerely hope not" - A.C. Manchester, England.


"I am deeply disappointed that Celtic have failed to act on this after such a long time and disgusted that the press continue to ignore it. I am not however surprised at Rangers FC given that their official brass band orchestrate this sickening chant at every home match including the previous two Celtic matches at Ibrox." - M.M. Glasgow, Scotland.


"Do not allow these vile people to attempt to ruin Big Jocks name any longer. He was an absolute credit to Celtic and Scotland and these sub humans are just a pack of bitter scumbags! Lowest of the low .. resulting to using child abuse to get to their opponents .. says a lot for Rangers and their fans eh?" - S.D. Glasgow, Scotland


"This slur on the great man's name needs to be addressed now. If he was still alive and the shoe was on the other foot I know that he would deal with it. Show the Rangers' fans up for what they are, cowardly bigots who pick on someone who is unable to make any defence." - T.M. Guetersloh, Germany


"I was at Ibrox & had to listen to this vile song being sung vehemently by the majority when Celtic where recently beaten. The fact our national & regional papers have not as much as uttered a single word on the matter just goes to show the state of the country we live in" - D.O. Glasgow, Scotland


"They are often a disgrace but these chants and banners prove they are a low form of humanity. Jock is an icon and does not deserve this treatment in any circumstances" - J.S. Edinburgh, Scotland


"I am in full support of the petition. The great Jock Stein should not be subject to such a disgusting smear campaign, of which there is no substance. The Rangers Football Club and the Scottish media should hang their heads in shame for their deafening silence and avoidance of this issue." - D.B. Traralgon, Austrailia


"Say nothing and these terrible accusations will go away? Has been tried before in history, and to my reckoning, this approach has not worked once. Stand up and be counted." - M.T. Bothwell, Scotland.


"We have tried saying and doing nothing, so far refusing to give it any airtime, with the belief that would fuel the flames, however it is now clear that this has spread, all the Rangers fans are aware of it and more and more are joining in. You have a moral responsibility to now seek action, just as you would if the Broher Walfrid statue was defaced outside the Park. The media should also be taken to task about this, contrasting their Boruc treatment to this." - D.P. Belfast, Ireland.


"'BJK' is an outwardly disgraceful campaign by Rangers supporters who have been left to lament the fact that they cannot sing their favourite sectarian songs anymore. Since they can no longer do that, they have resorted to insulting a legendary manager who passed away long ago and is obviously in no shape to defend himself. Never mind that he was also a legend with the Scotland national team as well..." - K.R. Orlando, USA.


"Time to put the Bigot club [Rangers FC] back in the worlds spotlight - yet again! The cowards only resorted to this because they can no longer sing their songs of hate. The Scottish media should also be held up to the worlds scrutiny for their on-going establishment-conspiracy of silence. Scotland's shame club is recognised as such in every country of the world - with the exception of Scotland!" - J.G. Port Glasgow, Scotland.


* As a Rangers supporter man and boy, I have to admit to a sense of shame over this sickening chant. As hard as it was at the time, Stein was a worthy adversary not to mention a proud Scotsman who eventually died taking his country towards the World Cup finals. To base such a sick slur on a decent man solely because of his association with our biggest rivals leaves me cold and questioning whether I want to listen to this bile every other Saturday. I'm also old enough to remember Jock Stein assisting seriously/fatally injured Rangers supporters trackside during our clubs darkest hour. It does seem to be the younger, more impressionable supporters who have adopted this chant, although quite a number should be old enough to know better.

Let's get one thing straight - Jock Stein committed no crime and it does our support no favours alleging he did. I'm no fan of the author of this article but he is spot-on when he predicts this matter will come back to haunt Rangers. SDM needs to act now.

Andrew, Livingston, Scotland

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